Port of Cincinnati LLC

8 Locations in MN, IA, OH, and WV

Port of Cincinnati LLC 

Port of Cincinnati LLCis wholly owned and operated by Cincinnati Bulk Terminals, LLC. It specializes in loading and unloading of break bulk materials.Port of Cincinnati LLC isequipped to load, unload, and store dry bulk bagged materials, wire rod, rebar, slabs, flat-rolled, and long steel products.

The Port of Cincinnati LLC has 15 acres of outside storage and a total of 87,000 sq. ft. of inside storage. It has easy access to CSX and Genesee and Wyoming rail service as well as three major interstates  I-75, I-71, and I-74.

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MP 472.4 Ohio River Port of Cincinnati LLC Services

  • Barge, truck, and rail loading and unloading
  • Re-bundling of steel products
  • Repackaging of general cargo
  • Bagging of bulk materials
  • Re-bundling of Steel Products
  • Repackaging of General Cargo
  • Bagging of bulk materials per customer requirements
  • Miscellaneous value-added services

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Port of Cincinnati LLC
1119 Mehring Way
Cincinnati, OH 45203
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